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  • The Longevity Equation Book ($39 value!) — This is a compilation of everything I’ve learned so far in my decade-long career. If you’re looking to kickstart your health transformation, immediately begin to improve your longevity, think more clearly, feel less pain, and nourish your body with lifespan boosting nutrients, this book will show you how to do it.
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  • The No-Nonsense Guide to Protecting You and Your Family From EMF Exposure ($19 value!) — Every day, your body is getting pelted by a lot of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) waves. The thing is, emerging science is showing that all that EMF might not be good for you. This guide will show you how to start insulating yourself from the worst of the damage.
  • Supplements Decoded: Which Ones Work and Which Ones Don’t ($19 value!) — I believe that supplements are the cornerstone of any longevity protocol. But you have to use the right ones. This free bonus will help you cut through the noise and find the supplements that can help you the most.
  • Longevity Insider HQ ($29 value!) — Every single week, you’ll hear from my team about some of the most earth-shattering research on anti-aging, weight loss, skincare, razor-sharp memory, and so much more.

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My team and I also leverage the latest advances in genomics, nutrition, DNA testing, and functional medicine to improve our patients’ health.

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