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Brand-New Book!

The Longevity Equation

INSIDE: Find 47 life-changing ways to live longer, stay healthier, and unlock your inner potential. Get ready to discover: 

  • The 10 toxic “antinutrients” that are draining your body of vitamins and minerals. (You’ve probably eaten at least two of them today!)
  • The “broken hormone” that’s forcing you to eat more and gain weight. Plus, eight ways you can repair it.
  • The NINE pillars of biological aging and how to fight each of them on a cellular level.

Dear Reader,

Your genes are NOT your destiny.

In fact, they only account for 20% of your lifespan

Which means living a long, healthy, happy life is 80% in your control

And in The Longevity Equation, I’m going to hand you an easy-to-follow blueprint that will guide you through that other 80%.

I’ll show you how to use the most cutting-edge breakthroughs in neuroscience…





And my own experience as a board-certified clinical physician to add years — potentially even decades — to your lifespan.

For example:

  • Did you know your body can produce its own antioxidants? Eating antioxidant-rich foods, like fruits and vegetables, isn’t as healthy as you think. Most of those antioxidants are never even absorbed. Instead, on pg. 201, I’ll show you how to activate your body’s own powerful “antioxidant factories” and flood your cells with these protective compounds.
  • Or that “zombie cells” could hold the key to aging in reverse? “Zombie cells” are damaged cells that refuse to die. They leak toxic inflammatory compounds into the cells around them and prevent the birth of new cells. Groundbreaking research has shown that eliminating “zombie cells” enables your body to rejuvenate itself and can actually reverse aging on a cellular level. On pg. 203, you’ll see the two natural compounds that have been proven to flush these toxic cells out of your body.
  • And could your gut bacteria be keeping you up at night? Most people blame their poor sleep on stress, depression, or anxiety. But the real culprit could be an unbalanced microbiome. On pg. 70, you’ll discover how to feed your gut the foods it needs to naturally release calming chemicals. So you can fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up more refreshed than you’ve felt in years.

But that’s only the beginning. 

Because in The Longevity Equation, I’m going to show you the secrets to getting older without actually growing old. 

Secrets like:

  • The five-second nervous system “tuning technique” that calms you down, lowers your blood pressure, sharpens your mind, and gives you all-day long energy — pg. 165
  • How to control your brain wave frequencies and release the four “feel-good” neurotransmitters on command — pg. 168
  • The most effective intermittent fasting protocol for burning fat, cleaning inflammation out of your body, repairing your DNA, and increasing your lifespan — pg. 77

The truth is, aging isn’t a mystery. 

It’s simply a problem — a biological problem. 

Which means, just like every other problem, it has a solution.  

And I’ve devoted my life to solving it.   

My name is Dr. Anil Bajnath, MD.

dr anil

I’m a board-certified physician, medical professor at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., and founder of The Institute for Human Optimization — one of the leading precision medicine clinics in the world.

For more than a decade, I followed the “conventional path.” 

I worked in a hospital, I saw dozens of patients every day over the course of 12- or even 14-hour shifts, and I did my best to give each patient the attention they deserved. 

But the sad truth is, when you’re on the conveyor belt of conventional medicine, it’s impossible to give truly individualized advice. 

That was a big problem for me. 

Because I’ve never believed in a one-size-fits-all approach to health. 

After all, there’s more than 70,368,744,177,664 possible gene combinations in each and every one of us. 

And to truly treat disease, we have to figure out which therapies work for our individual biology — not for someone else’s. 

Which is why I opened The Institute for Human Optimization

Now, my team and I have plenty of time to focus on each and every one of our patients. 

Through a combination of genetic testing, nutritional, and functional medicine, we help our patients heal the biological imbalances that cause disease. 

But I don’t ever want to see you in my office. 

nvj longevity office

Because in The Longevity Equation, I’m going to reveal all of the little-known longevity hacks that I use in my practice every single day. 

So you’ll never have to come visit me. 

The Longevity Equation will give you a step-by-step blueprint that you can follow to restore and optimize your entire body…

From your DNA all the way up to your environment and lifestyle. 

The first thing you’ll learn is how to do a “Biological Reset.”

This is by far one of the most important sections in the entire book. 

Because here’s the unfortunate truth. 

Every single day, your body is assaulted by environmental toxins that damage your DNA, pollute your cells, and drain your body’s natural restorative abilities. 

According to the CDC, virtually everyone has an average of 212 damaging-chemicals inside of them.

These include perchlorate (also known as rocket fuel)…

Volatile organic compounds (from paint, cosmetics, and cleaning supplies)…

Arsenic (found in home-building products)…

Acrylamide (usually from restaurant food)…

And Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (used in fire-retardant mattresses)…

Just to name a few. 

Each of these chemicals have been linked to cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, hormonal imbalance, and a host of other health disorders. 

And as long as they’re in your system, it will be extremely difficult for cellular regeneration to take place. 

But with my “Biological Reset Protocol,” you’ll discover how to clear these chemicals out of your system and set the stage for the health transformation to come. 

Just in the first few pages of The Longevity Equation, I’ll show you: 

  • “The Toxic Burden Quiz” that can help you determine how much toxicity has built up inside your body — pg. 32
  • The SIX vitality pathways in your body. Plus, how to restore and reset each one — pg. 16
  • A full quick-start guide to the 10 most dangerous environmental toxins around you. (#1 will surprise you) — pg. 21
  • The two-step process your liver uses to flush chemicals out of your body… and the FIVE nutrients that support each phase — pg. 28
  • Why the REAL cause of disease isn’t what you think and what you should be focusing on instead — pg. 19
  • How to use “body language” to spot hidden areas of toxin accumulation. Your body is trying to tell you something. Here’s how to decode what it’s saying and find the areas of your body where toxins are building up the most — pg. 35

For most of your life, you’ve been living with one hand tied behind your back. 

Your body has been assaulted by environmental toxins from every angle.

But with the “Biological Reset Protocol,” you’ll finally have the tools to fight back. 

Within just the first 30 days, your body could be humming with newfound energy.

Your mind could be clearer. 

The aches and pains that were nagging you could have vanished.  

And your energy and focus will be kicked into overdrive. 

nvj longevity overdrive

But more importantly, the “Biological Reset Protocol” will help you create a strong, healthy foundation before you move onto the next phase of The Longevity Equation

Starting on pg. 42, you’ll discover what I call “Longevity Blocks.”  

Each block is a critical piece of your health puzzle.

In order to achieve maximum vitality, you need to optimize each of them. 

There are five Longevity Blocks: 

  1. Sleep
  2. Nutrition/Diet
  3. Fitness
  4. Mind 

(The fifth block is a very special one… I’ll tell you more about it in just a moment.) 

I’ve organized the blocks in order of priority. 

I recommend you follow them in the sequence I’ve laid out. 

Because each block builds upon the other. 

And as you rebuild each block, one by one, you’ll begin to feel better than you can ever remember feeling. 

Your inner fire will come back. 

You’ll smile more. 

Your mind will be sharp. 

You’ll have more energy to spend time with your friends and family…

And every day will seem a little brighter than the one before.

We’ll start with the most fundamental secret to lifelong health:

Good sleep. 

Longevity Block #1:

nvj longevity sleep

When your body sleeps, your brain gets down to business.

It cleans up the cellular garbage in your body.

It flushes out damaging toxins in your neurons that can lead to Alzheimer’s. 

And it creates new neural networks that help you learn skills, establish memories, and integrate new information.   

But here’s what happens when you don’t sleep:

  • A 33% HIGHER dementia risk.
  • You’re THREE TIMES more likely to develop type II diabetes.
  • Your risk of a heart attack is DOUBLED.
  • SKYROCKETING blood pressure.
  • You have a 50% higher risk of becoming obese.

Simply put, you need sleep. 

Without it, everything else you do will be sabotaged. 

That’s why The Longevity Equation has a full chapter dedicated to bulletproofing your sleep and helping you achieve the rest you deserve.

  • Want to fall asleep quicker and wake up more rested? Take my short quiz to discover which of the three “body clock” types you are… and the optimal sleeping patterns for each of them — pg. 49
  • The mysterious “junk light” that could be disrupting your natural sleep patterns, damaging your mitochondrial DNA, and unleashing dangerous free radicals inside your body — pg. 55
  • The biologically optimal temperature for a bedroom. Most people get this wrong by 15 degrees — pg. 57
  • How to reset your faulty circadian rhythms with a common citrus fruit — pg. 60
  • Why LESS sleep could be BETTER for you (but only if you have this one gene) — pg. 63
  • The three home décor items that cost less than $30 each and virtually guarantee ZERO sleep interruptions — pg. 64
  • Why eating sweets before bed could actually help you sleep better — pg. 66
  • The all-natural “Zzzs Cocktail” formula that can help even the most hard-charging, stressed-out people slow down, relax, and drift into deep restorative sleep — pg. 73

After you’ve mastered the art of sleeping, it will be time to move onto the next Longevity Block. 

Longevity Block #2:

nvj longevity nutrition

Hippocrates once said: “Let food be thy medicine.” 

That has never been truer than it is today. 

Modern science has proved that food is far more powerful than we could have ever imagined. 

By giving our body the right nutrition…

We can actually direct our cellular growth and flip our genes “ON” or “OFF.”

Which means if you want to enjoy younger, smoother skin…

Fight off allergies and disease…

Build stronger bones and less painful joints…

Boost your mood…

And watch your entire body be rejuvenated…

Then, you’re going to love this part of the book. 

But I have to warn you: 

There’s so much life-saving information packed into here that it may take you a little while to get through it all. 

Things like: 

  • The most effective intermittent fasting protocol for burning fat, cleaning inflammation out of your body, repairing your DNA, and increasing your lifespan — pg. 77
  • The shocking TRUTH about water and why it might be the root cause of your headaches, fatigue, weight gain, insomnia, and digestive issues. (PLUS, what you should drink instead!) — pg. 79
  • How to use nature’s “first food” to stimulate your white blood cells and bulletproof your immune system — pg. 81

And let me ask you this: 

Have you heard of the microbiome? 

It’s the microscopic world of bacteria that live in your body, but specifically inside your gut. 

nvj longevity gut

The microbiome is one of the most exciting areas in medical research today. 

Because it’s been shown to effect everything from your mood…

To your cognitive health…

To your risk of cancer…

And everything in between. 

But don’t worry — we’ll show you exactly how to optimize your gut and microbiome health. 

Here’s just a small sample off what you’ll learn:

  • The NINE main causes of poor gut health. Take my short quiz to see which one could be wrecking your microbiome — then I’ll show you how to fix it —pg. 79
  • My four-phase system that will help you “remodel” your gut, restore a healthy microbiome, cut food cravings, and reignite your metabolism — pg. 90
  • The wild and wonderful world of the “myco-biome.” No, I didn’t misspell microbiome. Groundbreaking research has unearthed an entire world of fungi that that live inside you and are critical to your wellbeing. Learn all about this “myco-biome” and how you can use it to improve immunity, lower inflammation, and support brain health — pg. 92
  • The weird reason why probiotics can unleash a MAJOR candida overgrowth inside your body… and the ONE thing you need to do to stop it. (Don’t take another probiotic until you read this!) — pg. 86

Most people don’t realize this, but probiotics are actually only the tip of the iceberg. 

There are four additional types of “-biotics” that are critical for a healthy microbiome. 

And on p. 95, I’ll show you what they are, what they do, and where to get them. 

Every time you turn the page, you’ll discover an incredible new nutritional secret that can help you activate your DNA and unlock years of extra longevity. 

For example…

Have you been struggling to lose weight on popular diet programs? 

I’m not surprised!

Keto, vegetarian, paleo — it doesn’t matter what diet you choose. 

If it isn’t right for your genes, it won’t work. 

But on p. 98, I’ll show you how to determine the optimal diet for your biology so you can stay lean, feel energized, and avoid disease. 

And did you know that vitamin and mineral deficiencies can damage your DNA more than a high dose of radiation? 

Use my “Micronutrient Map” on p. 99 to learn about the 40 nutrients absolutely required for optimal DNA health... and where to find each one.

Plus, I’ll reveal:

  • The ugly truth about the ketogenic diet… and the ticking time bomb it may have unleashed inside your body — p. 94
  • The incredible nutrient that helps you enjoy all the benefits of fasting…without having to skip a meal — pg. 104
  • And do you want to avoid damaging blood sugar spikes? Drink this six-ingredient cocktail before your next high-carb meal — pg. 106

I wrote The Longevity Equation to be the most comprehensive health resource you’ve ever seen. 

If you’ve ever had a question about diet or food, I promise you that it will be answered here. 

After you finish this section, your body will be cleansed of environmental toxins.

You’ll be falling asleep in less than 10 minutes every night, staying asleep a full seven to eight hours, and waking up refreshed. 

Your body will be flooded with the powerful nutritional ingredients it needs to refresh itself. 

And it will be time to move onto the next Longevity Block and make sure you look good naked. 

Longevity Block #3:

nvj longevity exercise

In this section, I’m going to show you how to enjoy all the MASSIVE benefits of exercise…

Like enhanced thinking skills…

Limitless energy…

A reduction in stress…

Improved heart health…

Lowered inflammation…

A better mood…

And a lower risk of neurodegenerative disease.

WITHOUT suffering through long workouts…

WITHOUT having to pay for expensive gym memberships…

And WITHOUT destroying your body and feeling beat up and drained. 

Because here’s the thing:

We all know we need exercise…

But most people go about it all wrong.

That’s because they don’t understand: 

  • The biological reason why you don’t feel like exercising… and how to activate your “motivation hormone” so you never miss a workout again — pg. 116
  • The “alternate nostril breathing technique” that’s been shown to help lower blood pressure, improve resting heart rate, replenish your nervous system, and rebalance your mind — pg. 118
  • The AMAZING way to BREATHE fat out of your body! Groundbreaking research proves that you can lose weight simply by breathing. But beware: You have to follow TWO very specific steps for it to work — pg. 120
  • How to activate your body’s energy enzyme to increase metabolism, burn fat, get rid of old cells, and increase blood flow — pg. 123
  • The one stretch that instantly relieves low back pain. (Do this every morning.) — pg. 125
  • Why “stand up straight” is bad advice. Plus, the RIGHT way to align your body to look better, feel more confident, and reduce pain — pg. 126
  • The biologically optimal time to work out. (You’ll burn more fat and be stronger.) — pg. 128
  • The strange way you can “dissolve” your fat cells — with sunlight — pg. 130
  • A simple exercise that boosts testosterone by 97% in just 30 minutes — pg. 131
  • How to make exercise fun and playful so you’ll never dread a workout again — pg. 133
  • The four-minute routine that helps you build muscle and burn fat at the same time (all without lifting a single weight) — pg. 135

I’ve also included an entire chapter in The Longevity Equation called “The Ancestral Movement Quick-Start Guide.” 

Think about your ancestors. 

They didn’t sit around all day, then go into the gym for a 45-minute workout. 

nvj longevity workout

They walked enormous distances, moved constantly, often with large loads on their backs. 

They bent over to pick up fruits and tubers. 

They squatted. 

They jogged. 

But most importantly, they kept moving. 

Every single day of their life. 

And starting on pg. 136, “The Ancestral Movement Quick-Start Guide” will show you how to redesign your life and integrate more consistent movement into our daily routine. 

You’ll discover tactics like: 

  • How to sit like a hunter. This sitting posture helps release your low back and keep your hip flexors loose — so you’ll be ready to leap into action at a moment’s notice.
  • How to use “micromovements” to keep your soft tissue and ligaments warm and limber.
  • The proper way to walk. Most people really mess this up. But if you get it right, you can enjoy a dramatic reduction in knee and hip pain.
  • And much, much more. 

By the end of this entire section, you’ll be a supple leopard. 

Your body will be strong. 

You’ll be more confident. 

You’ll look better. 

You’ll feel like you can take on the world.  

Next, we’ll show you how to make your mind as sharp as your body feels. 

Longevity Block #4:

nvj longevity cognition

Your mind is your greatest asset.

So let’s make sure it’s operating at its peak potential. 

In this section, you’ll learn how to maximize your cognition and achieve razor-sharp mental clarity. 

It doesn’t matter if your mind is already sharp as a tack…

Or if you’re struggling with memory issues and brain fog…

What I’m going to show you will help take your mind to heights you never thought were possible.

Get ready to learn about: 

  • Brain Food 101: The step-by-step blueprint for optimizing neurotransmitter levels, eliminating neurotoxic nutrients, and igniting the growth of healthy new brain cells — pg. 144
  • The three things you can do right now to be 25% happier — pg. 154
  • The little-known breathwork protocol developed by a Johns Hopkins Ph.D. that reprograms your subconscious, unlocks higher levels of spiritual awareness, and helps you achieve emotional catharsis — pg. 157
  • Your brain has its own immune system! Follow these simple steps to keep it strong.
  • The FOUR “mind games” you can do every day to skyrocket your brainpower and keep your memory razor-sharp — pg. 160
  • The 1# MOST IMPORTANT brain building nutrient that 90% of people don’t get enough of — pg. 163
  • Why listening to classical music can destroy your productivity. I’ll show you the right way to use music in order to elevate your cognition, achieve incredible focus, and unleash your inner creativity — pg. 166
  • The TWO brain-killing compounds hiding in a healthy diet. (Plus, how to avoid them.) — pg. 168
  • The five-minute test that can help you determine your brain’s real age  — pg. 169

And I’m going to reveal all the details about one of the most cutting-edge fields of research in all of neuroscience: 

Color Light Therapy. 

Have you ever walked outside on a sunny bright day, and instantly felt your spirits lift?

On the other hand, have you walked outside on a cloudy, dreary day and then felt exactly the opposite? 

As people, we’re designed to respond to light. 

It regulates our sleep-wake cycles, our agricultural calendars, and our work lives. 

And scientists are just now beginning to pinpoint how light therapy can be used therapeutically to boost cognition, mood, and full-body healing. 

On pg. 175, I’ll show you the six therapeutic colors of light…

Which body part each is tied too…

And how to use light to increase alertness…

Calm down at night…

Boost your mood…

And even improve your visual perception.

This is a fascinating section, and it’s one of the simplest ways for you to improve your overall cognitive health.

After that, we’ll move onto to even more little-known, but cutting-edge, ways to boost your brainpower. 

For example: 

Do you have a leaky brain?

Your brain is shielded from toxins by its protective blood-brain barrier. 

But when that barrier starts to erode, it makes your brain vulnerable to outside invaders that can cause depression, anxiety, brain fog, and neurodegenerative disease.

This impaired state is called “leaky brain.” 

On pg. 178, I show you the top FIVE warning signs and symptoms of leaky brain. 

Plus, the three main causes of it. 

Then on pg. 180, I reveal the THREE tests you must have in order to determine whether or not your brain is “leaky.” 

To wrap it up, you’ll learn about the 11 steps you can take to heal your leaky brain and restore your protective blood-brain barrier. 

This whole section will be like a cognitive bootcamp. 

It will whip your mind into shape so you can use it at its full capacity. 

When your mind is functioning at 100%...

Words come to you faster…

You pick up new skills more easily…

You feel smarter and more in tune with the people around you…

And you’re happier. 

The Longevity Equation will show you how to makes sure your mind remains your greatest asset for the rest of your life. 

Next, we’ll move onto the fifth — and final — Longevity Block. 

Longevity Block #5:

nvj longevity longevity

Isn’t the entire book about longevity, you ask? 

Of course. 

But this final section will take the gloves off, so to speak. 

We’ll talk about “nerdier” topics, like DNA methylation…

Telomere degradation…

Neurodegenerative disease…

And much, much more. 

This section is for longevity hacks that didn’t necessarily fit into any of the four previous blocks…

But can still have a transformational impact on your health. 

You can think of this final section like the top brick on a pyramid. 

And you should only worry about it after you’ve been through the more foundational first four blocks. 

Don’t worry — like the rest of The Longevity EquationI’ll explain everything in easy language. 

For example: 

  • The three genes responsible for extinguishing oxidative damage. Here’s how to flip them "ON" and protect your body from damaging free radicals — pg. 185
  • The cellular protein that can age you in reverse… and how to activate it by getting “stressed out.”
  • Why “electron backup” is the root cause of mitochondrial dysfunction and how to fix it — pg. 187
  • The THREE things you need to do to lengthen your telomeres — pg. 189
  • Why most genetic tests are misleading. I’ll show you the only one I trust and use in my own practice — pg. 200
  • How to activate your body’s natural “gene-editing software” to repair and restore broken DNA  — pg. 204

The Longevity Equation shows you how to achieve much more than just a long lifespan. 

Because what good are extra years if you’re confined to your home…


And too sick to live life to its fullest? 

Instead, with The Longevity Equation, you’ll have the keys to unlock a long healthspan.  

That means all those extra years will be filled with strong, vibrant life. 

You’ll be able to make new memories. 

Spend more time with your loved ones. 

Wake up every morning feeling fresh and renewed…

With a sense of purpose and inner contentment.

And every day will feel like life is just beginning. 

That’s why I wrote The Longevity Equation

nvj longevity equation book

To help regular people sort through the most cutting-edge science and discover the endless possibilities that are out there. 

But that’s not all. 

Along with The Longevity Equation, I’m also going to send you an additional THREE gifts… completely free of charge when you order today.

The Hormonal
Optimization Blueprint

li hormonal blueprint report book

Hormones are one of the main cornerstones to health and longevity. 

They control everything from your metabolism, immune system, growth, and sexual desire. 

When your hormones aren’t working, you’ll feel tired, put on weight, lose muscle, get sick more often, experience brain fog, and go through a host of other problems. 

But in The Hormonal Optimization Blueprint, I’ll show you drug-free ways to rebalance your hormones and start restoring their normal function. 

The blueprint is broken up into two sections — one for men, and one for women.  

If you’re a man, you’ll learn about:

  • The one type of fat you want to avoid at all costs. If you eat it, your endocrine system could be destroyed.
  • The TRUTH about low-carb diets. (Could they actually lower your testosterone?)
  • The THREE essential nutrients that will ignite your testosterone production.

And if you’re a woman, I’ll show you: 

  • The FIVE herbs that can reduce the cramps, fatigue, mood swings, and hot flashes associated with PMS.
  • FOUR DANGER FOODS that can send your hormones into a tailspin.
  • The toxic beauty products that disrupt your body’s natural hormone production. (Stop using these immediately!)

Free GIFT #2:
The No-Nonsense Guide to Protecting You And Your Family From EMF Exposure

li emf exposure report book

EMF stands for electromagnetic frequency, or electromagnetic radiation. EMF waves are emitted by our cell phones, our microwaves, our computers, our TVs, our smart watches, and pretty much every other device in our daily life. 

Constant exposure to EMF waves has been shown to unravel DNA, lead to miscarriages, damage sperm, create hormonal imbalances, cause cancer, and much, much more

In The No-Nonsense Guide to Protecting You and Your Family From EMF Exposure, I’ll give you a step-by-step plan to start protecting yourself from EMF’s most dangerous effects. 

You’ll learn: 

  • How to create an “EMF Sanctuary” in your home that can reduce exposure by up to 98%.
  • The ONE button on your phone that can virtually eliminate all EMF emissions.
  • The “EMF Diet” that blocks EMF waves from being absorbed by your body.
  • And much more!

Supplements Decoded:
Which Ones Work And
Which Ones Don’t

li supplements decoded report book

There are a lot of supplements out there. But in Supplements Decoded, I’ll help you find the ones that work… and the ones you should never waste your money on. 

We’ll go through each major health category. 

From cardiovascular health… to blood sugar… memory and focus… stress... libido… and everything in between. 

For each issue, I’ll organize the supplement into three categories: 

GREEN… for those supplements that work (based on the scientific data).

YELLOW… for those supplements that might work.

And RED… for those supplements that definitely don’t work. 

You’ll be able to save time and money and ensure that you’re only using the best supplements to supercharge your health goals. 

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover: 

  • The “Longevity Stack” that I recommend to all my patients. When combined, these eight nutrients support the most important anti-aging pathways in the body. 
  • The single, most powerful nutrient in existence? This Amazonian discovery has been shown to repair stroke-induced brain damage, cure fatty liver disease, flush inflammation out of your cells, improve heart health, and is 50x more potent than any other known antioxidant.
  • Why Vitamin D could cause a heart attack unless it’s combined with one very particular nutrient.

That’s over $100's worth of value.

But you get all of it for just $39 today!

li longevity everything alt v2

We are so close to solving the aging problem. 

And I want you to be around to see it. 

If $39 isn’t worth a lifetime of bulletproof health…

Endless energy…

A clear mind…

And the chance to remain strong and independent even as you get into your 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond, then I don’t know what is. 

I want you to imagine yourself a month from now.

What will you be doing with your newfound vitality? 

Will you travel — maybe go to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico…

One of the world’s most magical cities?

Or will you just enjoy the small pleasures in life? 

Like staying up late dancing with your wife or husband? 

Imagine looking and feeling your best day in and day out. 

Imagine how much more confidence and charisma you would have if your skin regained its glow…

Imagine how much your life would change you if you didn’t feel so jagged, tired, and run down all the time. 

Imagine what you could do with decades of healthy vitality. 

You could start a business…

Pick up a new hobby…

Finally pursue your passions. 

Whatever you choose, you could have control over your future. 

And not be sabotaged by an uncooperative body. 

What it all comes down to is this: 

You do not have to age.

At least, not like the rest of the world tells you have to. 

You can grow older without actually growing old. 

And The Longevity Equation will give you all the tools you need to do it. 

Literally, for less than the price of a fancy bottle of wine, here’s everything that you’ll get:

  • A special edition of my book, The Longevity Equation
  • FREE BONUS GIFT #1: The Hormonal Optimization Blueprint
  • FREE BONUS GIFT #2: The No-Nonsense Guide to Protecting You and Your Family From EMF Exposure
  • FREE BONUS GIFT #3: Supplements Decoded: Which Ones Work and Which Ones Don’t

I hope that we’ll be partners on the path to longevity for a long, long time. 

But if for some reason you don’t enjoy your free book, The Longevity Equation and go over all the bonus material.

You’re protected by our full six-month,
100% money-back guarantee!

nvj longevity guarantee

You have 180 days to read The Longevity Equation and go over all the bonus material.

If you’re not happy at any time during those first six months, then simply call my customer success team and you’ll get 100% of your money back — guaranteed. 

Our number, (844) 491-5756, is on all our emails and publications. 

You can even keep the book and all the free bonus reports. 

Which means you have absolutely nothing to lose.

But so much life-enhancing information to gain. 

Just look at what some people are saying about me
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