SCIENTIFIC Weight-Loss Breakthrough Now Available to the General Public:


Allows you to burn upwards of 460 calories a day — By doing virtually NOTHING

That’s like taking a 90-minute hike every morning... meaning you could lose 20 pounds before summer and 60 pounds or more this year.

nvj mastermct eric

“The Master Molecule CHANGED my life — I went from 210 lbs to 170 in the blink of an eye — and I’m still eating croissants, chocolate, pizza — all my favorite foods —

The only thing I’ve given up is about 3 waist sizes.

I’ve seen so much nonsense in the weight loss space, it’s amazing to find something backed up by scientific research.”

— Eric Weiss

Dear Reader,

I want you to imagine a world where you wake up in the morning and take a single NATURAL supplement...

And then...


Absolutely nothing happens.

You feel the same.

You go about your day as normal.

You DON’T start an exhaustive workout plan or a fad diet...

You DON’T go to a doctor or nutritionist...

You DON’T spend a fortune at a natural foods store...

nvj mastermct slash

And yet somehow, as if by magic, the numbers on the scale are DOWN at the end of the day...

And every following day.

You’ve started losing weight in an easy, sustainable way without even realizing it.

You hit the tennis courts, and your knees — not to mention the rest of you — feel decades younger...

Your spouse hugs you and remarks that you feel like a different person...

And you start proudly taking your shirt off at the poolside summer barbeque.

It might sound incredible.

Preposterous, even.

But a scientific marvel we call “The Master Molecule” is bringing this scenario to reality as we speak.

nvj mastermct belly

In fact, more and more peer-reviewed evidence is emerging, showing that “The Master Molecule”...

  • Helps lower your appetite — by as much as 51%!
  • Promotes your body’s NATURAL fat-burning state
  • “Supercharges” your metabolism’s energy expenditure

It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, young or old...

The fat-burning power of “The Master Molecule” knows NO bounds.

And thanks to a breakthrough from Harvard’s Nutrition Lab, it’s now easily available to the broader public.

In this brief presentation, I’m going to explain how you can take advantage TODAY.

So if you or someone you love has been struggling to shed those pounds, I urge you to pay VERY close attention.

Because the stakes couldn’t be any higher.

The more overweight you are, the more risk you have for virtually every serious ailment.

nvj mastermct ailment

According to the American Journal of Public Health:

[This is] the public health issue of the day—and for good reason.

The data outline a dismal picture and a more foreboding future.

In the U.S. alone, $117 billion in health care and related costs are attributable to people being overweight every single year.

This breaks my heart for two reasons.

Reason 1:


“The Master Molecule” is a simple, NATURAL way to decrease your appetite, lose weight, and THRIVE.

It’s backed by cold, hard science, and because it’s all-natural, you don’t need a prescription or any health insurance red tape.

I can’t wait to show you more in just a moment.

But first let me share...

Reason 2:


It’s no secret that you could lose weight if you spent thousands of hours studying nutrition science...

Or thousands of dollars a week at specialty stores like Dean and Deluca...

Or enjoyed a $7,500-a-month personal chef like pop-star Beyoncé Knowles.

But if you’re not a world-famous millionaire, those options are all but impossible.

I know.

I’ve been there myself!

Holding down a job and taking care of a family barely leaves times for a healthy meal, let alone hours at the gym.

And that’s why I HATE — absolutely HATE it — when doctors and insurance executives look down their noses at overweight patients.

It’s not your fault.

But unfortunately, you ARE paying the price.

However, I am not writing to scare you.

In fact, I’m writing to give you hope.

nvj mastermct beach

Because “The Master Molecule” promotes weight loss WITHOUT needing to change your diet or lifestyle.

I would call it THE SINGLE most promising development I’ve seen in the last decade.

And I’ve seen a LOT of health developments.

My name is Alex Reid.

My work as a researcher, author, and health advocate is regularly seen by hundreds of thousands of people.

I interview, collaborate, and confer with everyone from PhD clinical psychologists to top orthopedic surgeons...

To cardiologists and oncologists...

And everyone in between.

All to fulfill one goal: to find science-backed health solutions that allow people to live their best lives.

And whenever possible, to share options OUTSIDE the expensive and side effect-laden world of pharmaceuticals.

And I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better example than “The Master Molecule”...

Which literally helps promote weight loss while you’re sitting still.

You DON’T have to exercise...

You DON’T have to severely restrict your diet...

And you DON’T have to take any expensive pharmaceuticals.

But there is one thing you will need to do...

Accept that most of the conventional wisdom about weight loss IS WRONG.

And it starts with the word “fat” itself.

Because for your whole life, you’ve probably been told that the fat you eat is what makes you fat.

But this is not only misleading...

It may even explain why Americans are getting FATTER.

Because despite its name, fat — the dietary fat that you eat — is NOT clearly linked to weight gain.

nvj mastermct scientist

According to the Harvard School of Public Health:

Low-fat diets have long been touted as the key to a healthy weight...

But the evidence just isn’t there:

Over the past 30 years in the U.S., the percentage of calories from fat in people’s diets has gone down, but [weight gain] has skyrocketed.

Clearly, low fat DOES NOT mean low weight.

In fact, modern research suggests the opposite.

Over a dozen peer-reviewed studies from elite outlets, including:

  • The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
  • The New England Journal of Medicine
  • And perhaps the most prestigious journal of all, The Lancet

Show that eating a high amount of healthy fat can actually help you LOSE weight.

But despite all this scientific evidence...

Fat STILL has a terrible public reputation.

I’m sure you grew up hearing all about the so-called wonders of low-fat food and the evils of steak and eggs.

I certainly did.

And even though much of the science now tells a different story...

Culture hasn’t caught up.

And unfortunately, there’s a very simple reason:

nvj mastermct money


Because the REAL culprit behind much of America’s weight gain has been working tirelessly to shift the blame.

I’m talking, of course, about the sugar industry.

According to JAMA Internal Medicine:

For the past five decades, the sugar industry has been attempting to influence the scientific debate over the relative risks of sugar and fat.

Which is infuriating, because healthy fats are crucial to good health...

While SUGAR is increasingly understood to be toxic.

nvj mastermct insulin

According to nutrition expert Dr. Robert Lustig:

There is not one biochemical reaction in your body, not one, that requires dietary fructose, not one that requires sugar.  

Dietary sugar is completely irrelevant to life.

But the industry doesn’t seem to care.

It wants to keep selling you tons of sugar at all costs.

So it works to put all the weight gain blame on fats, while jamming foods full of added sugars.

And unfortunately, it’s paying off.

Because the average American now eats 57 pounds of sugar EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

That represents billions in profit for the sugar industry.

But it also represents massive weight gain in the American public.

So if you’re wondering why you’ve always heard that fat is BAD...

This could be why.

In fact, this campaign dates all the way back to the early 1960s...

The exact same time that American weight gain started spiking.

And it continues TO THIS DAY, with soda and candy manufacturers caught pumping dollars into “independent” research as recently as 2015.

Unfortunately, it’s going to take a LOT of work to change the culture...

But at least you can get the truth now.

And the truth is, unlike sugar...

You NEED fat.

nvj mastermct avocado

Fat, especially the RIGHT kind of fat, is literally essential for life

Fat is one of the three key macronutrients, alongside carbohydrates and protein.

And while you could live a healthy life without ever eating more sugar, fat is MANDATORY.

It contributes to everything from temperature regulation to healthy cell walls...

And most importantly (to me, anyway), fat is what makes food satisfying and delicious!

You don’t have to be a biochemist to understand why.

Just think about your own food experience.

nvj mastermct meat

Rich, fatty foods like steak cooked in butter leave you feeling full and satisfied, so you end up eating less.

Most people could easily blow through a bowl of M&Ms without blinking an eye...

But a bowl of bacon would slow anyone down.

It’s why people who eat a high-fat diet can end up weighing LESS than the people who studiously avoid it.

They feel fuller, eat less, and watch the pounds melt away.

This is key to popular diets like Atkins, low-carb, and the ketogenic diet.

And in general, THESE DIETS WORK.

And they HAVE worked for most of human history.

Because before meals were called ketogenic- or Atkins-friendly, they were simply called FOOD.

For most of human history, we thrived off simple meals like deer meat and gathered berries.

We didn’t have added sugars and starchy processed food.

Without refrigeration, we preserved things by encasing them in salt and fat.

And the few hunter/gatherer societies that remain to this day are lean and muscular.

nvj mastermct archer

But I’m not telling you to become a hunter/gatherer!

Nor am I recommending outrageous diets...

Diets like intermittent fasting, which require you to eat nothing — ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, not even a cup of coffee — for 18 hours a day.

Or maybe you’ve heard about people who blend an entire stick of butter into their coffee to get a dose of healthy fats each morning.

Just thinking about that makes me gag.

But hey, if that’s not extreme enough for you...

The carnivore diet asks you to eat literally nothing but meat, salt, and water.

I’m not recommending any of that.

In fact, I’m here to say:

nvj mastermct carrot

You can enjoy amazing weight-loss benefits

WITHOUT changing your diet at all

Simply by adding one special compound INTO your diet, you can capture the same benefits of those intense high-fat diets...

And end up:

  • Feeling more satisfied
  • Eating less
  • And losing weight NATURALLY

This may be the only thing you need to drop pound after pound after pound...

And reclaim the lean, healthy body you deserve.

I’m talking of course, about “The Master Molecule.”

What is “The Master Molecule”?

Scientists call it a medium-chain triglyceride with three fatty acid groups of 6–10 carbon atoms arranged along a glycerol backbone.

nvj mastermct master

That’s a mouthful!

But all it means is that “The Master Molecule” is a special type of fat.

You see, there are three main categories of fats:

  1. Short chain triglycerides with 2–5 carbon atoms
  2. Long chain triglycerides with 12–22 carbon atoms

And the third category, to which “The Master Molecule” belongs:

  1. MEDIUM chain triglycerides, which hit the sweet spot of 6–10 carbon atoms

Why is this the sweet spot?

Because other types of fat can end up stored in your body’s fat tissue, making you gain weight.

But “The Master Molecule” goes right past the fat tissue.

There’s a special vein called the portal vein that takes “The Master Molecule” straight from your digestive system into your liver.

That’s where it’s converted directly into your body’s energy source:

nvj mastermct atp

Adenosine triphosphate, or ATP for short.

This is the energy that powers life itself.

Without ATP, nothing would function.

With ATP... well, the sky is the limit.

It allows you to run around all day, keeping up with children and grandchildren...

To take on the most exhausting yard work...

And to have PLENTY of attention for your wife or husband come nighttime.

That’s why taking “The Master Molecule” in the morning is EXTRA powerful...

Because not only does it promote weight loss, but it also leaves you BRIMMING with energy on a deep cellular level.

All WITHOUT sugar’s insulin spikes...

WITHOUT a caffeine crash...

And WITHOUT being stored as fat.

Because get this:

The transfer of energy is so efficient that less than half of 1% of “The Master Molecule” is EVER stored as weight gain.

So you get the satisfying effects of eating something rich and fatty...

WITHOUT putting on serious weight.

A full 99.5% of “The Master Molecule” is converted into energy.

Unlike other fat molecules, which can’t fit into the portal vein...

Or glucose molecules, which only transfer 40% of their energy into your body.

How incredible is that?

Imagine if 99.5% of the ice cream, donuts, or pizza you ate was converted directly into energy and never stored as fat.

You would look like a supermodel.

nvj mastermct models

According to Dr. Mark Hyman, men can burn an additional 460 calories a day simply by taking “The Master Molecule” each morning!

NO exercise...

NO surgery...

And NO extreme diet.

Even better, according to the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, “The Master Molecule” helps with weight loss WHILE promoting healthy heart function.

In their own words:

These data suggest that [fats of a] medium chain length do not seem to confer adverse health effects.

And another study just emerged showing that the Inuit people, who eat mostly animal proteins and fats, have HEALTHIER blood pressure than most Europeans.

So when it comes to a healthy diet, it’s time to think seriously about ADDING fats.

And when it comes to fats, there’s one that stands WAY above the crowd...

“The Master Molecule.”

Scientific study after study confirms it:
“The Master Molecule” WORKS

One of the most powerful studies was conducted at Columbia University in New York.

The researchers randomly assigned overweight men to two groups.

Each morning, one group received “The Master Molecule” with breakfast, and the other group got corn oil.

And by lunchtime, something incredible had happened:

The group that got “The Master Molecule” with breakfast ate FAR LESS at lunch...

Literally less than HALF of what the other group ate.

A full 51% difference.

And get this:

The participants were specifically forbidden from exercising before the study.

So by doing nothing other than taking “The Master Molecule” at breakfast, they were able to HALVE their calories at the next meal.

This isn’t the only time science has confirmed the power of “The Master Molecule.”

Another study was performed with overweight women instead of men.

Over 27 days, the women ate the same diet, with one difference...

Half of them ate “The Master Molecule” with their meals, and the other half didn’t.

And sure enough, the Master Molecule group used more energy AND burned more fat.

nvj mastermct spinning

They were enjoying the results of hard exercise without actually doing anything.

It’s not just overweight people, either!

Yet another study was run with a variety of starting weights.

And sure enough, the group that took “The Master Molecule” stood out in both the lean AND overweight participants.

Their bodies were breaking down food faster and more efficiently regardless of their starting weight.

“The Master Molecule” is NOT a pharmaceutical

It’s simply a special form of fat found in sources like palm oil or coconut oil.

Meaning you can take a simple NATURAL capsule with breakfast and decrease your appetite, burn more calories, and lose weight WITHOUT exercising.

All of this sounds incredible, right?

So what’s the catch?

Well, for a long time, there WAS a serious catch.

Because while “The Master Molecule” is completely natural, it only exists mixed up with LOTS of other fats.

If you eat straight coconut oil, you will enjoy “The Master Molecule’s” medium-chain triglycerides...

nvj mastermct coconut

But you’ll also be getting lots of other types of fat, including ones that are stored easily in your fat tissue.

So if you want the pure “Master Molecule,” you need a lab that can synthesize the natural source into JUST the medium-chain triglycerides.

And with the right equipment, that’s exactly what doctors and scientists can do.

In fact, this is exactly how use of “The Master Molecule” started.

“The Master Molecule” is such a powerful energy source that it’s used in hospitals for patients who can’t digest food normally...

Or who are so weak that they need a HEALTHY energy boost, without the inflammation of sugar-based beverages.

It’s a triumph of research and biochemistry.

But like many medical triumphs, it was expensive!

It required experts and specialized knowledge.

nvj mastermct lab

So while it was available to doctors and scientists...

The general public didn’t even know about it, let alone have the chance to afford it.

But because of an incredible breakthrough:

YOU can get your hands on “The Master Molecule” and start enjoying its STAGGERING benefits TODAY.

It’s all thanks to a Harvard scientist named Vigen Babayan.

He created a scientific process that allows easy capture of JUST the medium-chain triglycerides that make up “The Master Molecule.”

nvj mastermct hospital

It’s thanks to that research that our lab in Jordan, Utah is able to create high-quality medium-chain triglycerides...

Which we’re making available to YOU.

And we want to make it as easy as humanly possible, which is why it comes in the form of a simple, easy-to-take capsule.

NO messy powders...

NO spillable bottles of liquid...

NO blenders or food processors needed.

Just pure “Master Molecule” medium-chain triglycerides made from 100% organic coconut oil...

Produced in a state-of-the-art U.S. manufacturing facility.

mastermct bottle

It’s called MasterMCT.

And we believe it’s BY FAR the best NATURAL weight-loss supplement on the market.

Bambu Naturals has incredibly exacting standards, and MasterMCT meets every single one of them:

  • Backed by deep scientific research
  • Made of top ingredients
  • Manufactured in the USA

Now, we had the option to start with a range of sources, including palm oil.

But palm oil and other sources can be harmful to the environment.

And we want to bring you the BEST medium-chain triglycerides on the market.

So ours is derived from 100% ORGANIC coconut oil, and nothing else.

No sugar, no additives, and no fillers.

Which is just one of the MANY things that makes MasterMCT stand out

To enjoy MasterMCT, all you do is take one capsule each morning.

That’s it.

No starving yourself.

No sticking an entire stick of butter in the blender.

No powders or stirring sticks or digital scales or thermometers or making a mess on the counter.

This is the simplest possible way we know of to NATURALLY support weight loss.

And all of it is carefully formulated and manufactured in a state-of-the-art U.S. lab.

Now, here's the best part...

We bring you “The Master Molecule” straight from this lab, so you won't have to pay any expensive markup.

There are no retail store or warehousing costs for you to cover.

That means we can sell this U.S.-made supplement for far cheaper than it would normally cost.

It's a heck of a deal.

You get an ultra-premium product at an ultra-low price.

And we're so confident in the quality of MasterMCT that we're offering a 30-day 100% money-back, no-questions-asked guarantee...


If MasterMCT doesn't leave you immediately feeling less hungry, more energetic, and making it EASY to drop pounds...

All you'll have to do is return any unused portion for a full refund.

It doesn't matter if it's one day or three weeks from now...

Unless you're 100% satisfied, you'll get all your money back.

It's as simple as that.

That means, financially, there's no risk to you whatsoever when you order a bottle today.

But there's ENORMOUS risk in continuing to struggle with excess weight

You’ve heard a lot of misinformation in your life...

And the deck has been stacked against you for a long time.

But that can all end today.

Just click the “I'm Ready!” button below, and you'll be taken straight to our secure order form, where you can order MasterMCT right now.


As a special bonus, you’ll also get FREE access to our VIP Shipping Program.

That means you’ll get a steady supply of MasterMCT without ever having to miss a month or see prices go up.

And if we’re ever backordered, you’ll go to the front of the line.

Best of all, you will never have to pay a single penny more than the special promotional price you’re about to lock in today.

And when you run out, a new bottle will be automatically sent to you, and we’ll simply bill the same credit card we have on file.

This is completely RISK FREE.

We only activate this special service with your permission, and you can pause or cancel the deliveries at any time.

It won’t cost you a dime!


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